Study Mechitza?

The Torah: A Women’s Commentary  is a great new resource, from women Torah scholars highlighting women in the Torah and women’s perspectives on the Torah.

Order Up: Meaningful Prayer

Lisa Schlaff spoke at March’s conference on women and prayer about her experiences with the “partnership minyan” Darchei Noam. She pointed out that explaining a partnership minyan can sound like ordering at Starbucks: “I’ll have the mechitza […]

New “Ball of Fire”?

The Torah: A Women’s Commentary — published in 2008 by the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) — includes full English and Hebrew Torah texts interspersed with commentary; introductory essays; and an overview, poetic “voices” and “another view” for each weekly portion. It […]

Chag Sameach

A kosher and joyful Passover. News and views from the Jewish Women’s Prayer conference coming.

Yitro, for Something Completely Different

This week’s Torah portion “Yitro,” Exodus 18:1-20:23, famously relates Revelation at Sinai, including the Ten Commandments. Vital Torah. But I always like to put in a good word for the portion’s namesake Yitro (or Jethro) […]

“this is my prayer”

The schedule for “This is My Prayer–Va’ani tefillati: Jewish Women in Prayer” — the March 1 inter-denominational conference — is available now. Registration closes February 24 — NO ON-SITE REGISTRATION — for the event, which […]

Song and Survival

Shabbat Shirah is marked at Temple Micah (DC) — as in many congregations — with extra emphasis on the Song of the Sea, the Israelites’ praise-song to God after their escape from Egypt (Exodus Chapter […]

Bird-Song of the Sea

“Az yashir moshe — Then Moses sang” — Exodus 15:1.

Langston Hughes’ Simple Prayer

I recently picked up The Best of Simple, a collection of short stories by Langston Hughes, and was struck by an amazing prayer that the main character says he would offer, were he “a praying […]

Unifying Heaven and Earth

March 6 and 7 Kabbalat Shabbat service and workshop: “Unifying Heaven and Earth: Spiritual Teachings: Practices from the Kabbalah and Jewish Mystical Tradition,” in Richmond, VA, hosted by the Chrysalis Group.