Bamidbar: Something to Notice

“But Nadab and Abihu died by the will of YHVH in the wilderness of Sinai; and they left no sons. So it was Eleazar and Ithamar who served as priests in the lifetime of their […]

Bamidbar: Great Source

As the weekly cycle begins the Book of Numbers — Bamidbar [“wilderness” or “desert”] — this is a good time to pick up The Biography of Ancient Israel: National Narratives in the Bible, by Ilana […]

Bamidbar: Language and Translation

Genealogy/Affiliation/Birth This portion contains a word unique in the Bible: va-yityaledu. [root letters: yod-lamed-dalet]. Numbers 1:18

I Will Meet With You There

“Terumah, 2/28/98, Fabrangen”

“Gift” Resources

[email of early March, 1998, to Fabrangen Havurah– providing source notes for dvar Torah on the portion Terumah (“Gifts,” for the Tabernacle), Exod. 25:1-27:19 — Note: I don’t (yet) provide links here for most print […]

54 New Torah Ideas

Jewish Lights has just published a volume called The Modern Men’s Torah Commentary: New Insights from Jewish Men on the 54 Weekly Torah Portions, which offers an interesting array of new perspectives.

Study Mechitza?

The Torah: A Women’s Commentary  is a great new resource, from women Torah scholars highlighting women in the Torah and women’s perspectives on the Torah.

Order Up: Meaningful Prayer

Lisa Schlaff spoke at March’s conference on women and prayer about her experiences with the “partnership minyan” Darchei Noam. She pointed out that explaining a partnership minyan can sound like ordering at Starbucks: “I’ll have the mechitza […]

New “Ball of Fire”?

The Torah: A Women’s Commentary — published in 2008 by the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) — includes full English and Hebrew Torah texts interspersed with commentary; introductory essays; and an overview, poetic “voices” and “another view” for each weekly portion. It […]

Chag Sameach

A kosher and joyful Passover. News and views from the Jewish Women’s Prayer conference coming.