Worm-Hole Aliens, the Mikveh, and the Akeda

I’d like to tell you a story. For those of you who don’t happen to be Star Trek fans, don’t worry about the details–it’s mostly the punch-line we’re after: Sometime in the 24th Century, Starfleet […]

Alone in the Sukkah

Alone in the sukkah, Kohelet* and me “Havel, havalim,” he tells my coffee’s rising steam. Yes, “vapor, all is vapor,” I’m willing to agree. Lifebreath can’t remain for long and the future can’t be told. […]

(Deeply) in the Beginning

Every fall, I find myself somewhere different, “in the beginning.” The Torah cycle carries Jews from Eden, one autumn, through to the edge of the Promised Land the next fall; then the scroll is re-rolled, […]

Declarations of Independence, Peace, etc.

[Originally posted on Fabrangen e-list, in response to a post, “Certain Unalienable Rights,” by R. Arthur Waskow encouraging “open discussion of what we would today write into such a visionary Declaration of peace, justice, and […]

The Right Mistake

I’ve been thinking about the great need for personal teshuva [“return”/atonement] and reconciliation in close relationships balanced against the need for wider teshuva/reconciliation work. In that spirit, today I picked up Walter Mosley’s newest book, […]