The Gate of Wounded Feelings

The Gate of Wounded Feelings: Introduction and “Martyrology” prayers for Fabrangen Havurah, Yom Kippur 5761 (2000)

(Learned) Women in the Talmud

Some basic info about specific women whose learning is acknowledged in the Talmud (vs., e.g. texts about women or women’s learning or, more generally, the status of women).

Shacharit Guideposts

My experience has been that, if you know where you’re going on your own journey through the prayerbook, change of song or text are far less disorienting than if you’re relying entirely on the leader […]

Genesis Poems

Cain Discovers Infinity One red rage roaring boiling blood a brother bleeding one letter in the name of God losing ink the earth swallows the ink the bloods of countless storied untold

Worm-Hole Aliens, the Mikveh, and the Akeda

I’d like to tell you a story. For those of you who don’t happen to be Star Trek fans, don’t worry about the details–it’s mostly the punch-line we’re after: Sometime in the 24th Century, Starfleet […]

Alone in the Sukkah

Alone in the sukkah, Kohelet* and me “Havel, havalim,” he tells my coffee’s rising steam. Yes, “vapor, all is vapor,” I’m willing to agree. Lifebreath can’t remain for long and the future can’t be told. […]

(Deeply) in the Beginning

Every fall, I find myself somewhere different, “in the beginning.” The Torah cycle carries Jews from Eden, one autumn, through to the edge of the Promised Land the next fall; then the scroll is re-rolled, […]

Declarations of Independence, Peace, etc.

[Originally posted on Fabrangen e-list, in response to a post, “Certain Unalienable Rights,” by R. Arthur Waskow encouraging “open discussion of what we would today write into such a visionary Declaration of peace, justice, and […]

The Right Mistake

I’ve been thinking about the great need for personal teshuva [“return”/atonement] and reconciliation in close relationships balanced against the need for wider teshuva/reconciliation work. In that spirit, today I picked up Walter Mosley’s newest book, […]