Flour and Torah: Mah Tovu

Places of Jacob and Israel– how good are both! In last week’s Torah portion, the final portion of Genesis, Jacob/Israel adopts two of his grandsons, blesses his sons, gives them directions for his burial and […]

Women’s Prayer Publications

In addition to 2008’s A Jewish Woman’s Prayer Book, a number of “women’s prayer” publications have been released in recent years.

Leaving Genesis: Departing Women

This week’s Torah portion is Vayechi (“Jacob lived [in the land of Egypt]… “) — Genesis 47:28 – 50:26 — which closes the book of Genesis. A few weeks back (Vayishlach, Gen. 32:4 -36:43), we […]

Searching Out a Place

Many contemporary women and men are searching for “a place,” in the Jewish world. We frequently bemoan the lack of singing, fellowship, learning or youth programs at our various synagogues. We struggle with issues from […]

A Jewish Woman’s Prayer Book

A Jewish Woman’s Prayer Book, edited by Aliza Lavie New York, NY: Spiegel & Grau, 2008.

What Is Prayer?

Women and men are invited to an interdenominational conference on women and prayer, cosponsored by the Jewish Theological Seminary, Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance, Women of Reform Judaism, Women’s League for Conservative Judaism and NYC-based organizations. […]

The Gate of Wounded Feelings

The Gate of Wounded Feelings: Introduction and “Martyrology” prayers for Fabrangen Havurah, Yom Kippur 5761 (2000)

(Learned) Women in the Talmud

Some basic info about specific women whose learning is acknowledged in the Talmud (vs., e.g. texts about women or women’s learning or, more generally, the status of women).

Shacharit Guideposts

My experience has been that, if you know where you’re going on your own journey through the prayerbook, change of song or text are far less disorienting than if you’re relying entirely on the leader […]

Genesis Poems

Cain Discovers Infinity One red rage roaring boiling blood a brother bleeding one letter in the name of God losing ink the earth swallows the ink the bloods of countless storied untold