Exodus from Racism

As the Book of Genesis closes and the Book of Exodus begins, focus is thus shifted from death to birth and from stories of individual and family struggle to a communal struggle toward liberation. So, too, in the United States today, we are moving:

  • from individual circles of mourning for black persons killed by police to a national movement against police brutality across the country, and
  • from disjoint demands addressing various forms of racial inequity to a collective struggle for racial justice.

How can we use the ancient narrative to help increase understanding and involvement in the 21st Century Human Rights movement?

Getting Exodus Right: Watch the Women and Learn (or: Family Travail Becomes Community Action)” offers some initial ideas about themes to consider.

Regardless of your perspective on hot-button topics like police brutality, #blacklivesmatter, #bluelivesmatter, and “all lives matter,” it’s essential to begin with the voices of those most affected. If you and others you know have not yet done so, take some time for “Listening to Voices of Grief and Struggle,” as four women from different times and places share their stories of loss and response.

Please read, listen, pass the word in your own communities,

and share ideas for growing this movement beyond relatively small groups of activists.

Faith Leaders Tell Congress: Take Action on Racial Justice
Exodus Revisited: Pharaoh’s “Hardened Heart” and Contemporary “Criminal Justice”
Moses: Community Leadership and Listening
Exodus: from state violence to resistance to liberation
First Steps in Exodus from Racism

See also Making the Omer Count

More Resources

Black Lives Matter
Black Youth Project — read the “Agenda to Keep Us Safe”
Fergus Action: Stand with New York
Ferguson Response
Institute of the Black World
Race Forward

Showing Up for Racial Justice
Jews United for Justice
Chanukah Action — it’s NOT too late
Jews for Racial and Economic Justice
Bend the Arc
T’ruah: Rabbinic Call for Human Rights

If you know another link that belongs here, please advise. THANKS!

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