Poetry Resources

on Psalms

Collected resources for selected psalms, in conjunction with Temple Micah’s study group

Max D. Ticktin and Psalms for Contemplation

Thirty Posts on Psalm 30

See also individual Psalms

Hebrew Poetry

Here is background, with links to more information, on a few Hebrew poets, poetry in translation, and related topics in a set of clearly labeled resource pages. Hope to continue building this resource page and welcome additions and suggestions —
Modern Hebrew

Hebrew (and English) Poetry Resources

Additional material, including recent and much older posts, can be found here. A lot there, but somewhat jumbled in the now not-so-recent (12/31/18) shift to a new WordPress theme. The new theme supports easier presentation of some material, and I think I’m wedded to it awhile, but it might take me a while to get all the resource pages — on Babylon and other topics — back into easily accessible shape. Project 2019, I guess….Or maybe 2021

Lyrics and Music

Related Resources from across centuries