Weekly Portion Sources and Notes

At one point, A Song Every Day offered a series of weekly posts around four ideas:

  • Language and Translation
  • Something to Notice
  • A Path to Follow
  • Great Source(s)

I have not edited the posts since 2009 or 2010, except to fix broken links if I notice them. In some cases, material is something I forgot I ever encountered and am happy to find again and to share. In some cases, the material might be something I no longer love or find intriguing. But it’s here — to read, use, or ignore — until I get around to editing..

A few years ago, I tried gathering the four sets of posts together for one weekly re-post. At that time, I included the dates the portion was to be read that year — NOT THINKING that this would be very confusing in any coming year. No time for editing again now, so please ignore all dates listed.





Vayeilech and Haazinu

Either I spelled “Vayeilech” very oddly, or there are no posts for this portion.

No “gathering” post for Haazinu, but here are the older posts: