Opening the Book

This “Opening the Book” blog series was designed to include four approaches — or, “openings” — to each portion in the annual Torah-reading cycle. There are many sites offering full-fledged dvrei Torah (words of Torah). The posts here are more open-ended, offering sources and paths, rather than completed thoughts, to facilitate further exploration…and encourage readers to draw their own conclusions. Comments — and additional sources, paths, etc. — are welcome.

Current reorganization (5779) is collecting material for each weekly Torah portion in one “gathering sources” post, beginning with parashat Terumah. Original materials were posted in 2010 and fall into four categories: NOTICE, Great SOURCEs, a PATH to Follow and LANGUAGE and translation. See descriptions below.

Books referenced are listed in Source Materials, with on-line links included. Additional pages of on-line materials are also accessible from Source Materials.

Four Approaches/Openings

Something to NOTICE: One post for each weekly portion draws attention to verses that have been the source of an interesting teaching, raised an ethical question, inspired traditional prayer language or contemporary meditations, etc.

GREAT SOURCES: Each week, one post suggests sources for exploring more about a specific Torah portion or an approach to Torah — traditional rabbinic, mystical, contemporary poetry, etc.;

A PATH TO FOLLOW: For each portion, one post provides some links to other verses, threads of commentary, etc., for those interested in pursuing an idea beyond the weekly reading.

LANGUAGE and TRANSLATION: Commentaries that are specifically based on translation and language issues. Some are pretty basic; others, rather esoteric. All are meant to provide a little deeper understanding of the text and/or of translation issues.

The “Opening the Book” series was originally presented in cooperation with the independent, cross-community Jewish Study Center and with Kol Isha, an open group that for many years pursued spirituality from a woman’s perspective at Temple Micah (Reform). “A Song Every Day” is an independent blog, however, and all views, mistakes, etc. are the author’s.

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