Much of “A Song Every Day” is dedicated to referencing other people’s thoughts on the Torah — traditional and more contemporary midrash, etc. — and encouraging new exploration. But I’m also posting a few of my own writings. Like everything here, this page is “under construction,” so check back for additions.

Midrash in Poetry and Fiction

Cain Discovers Infinity

Japheth and Son

Alone in the Sukkah

Beshalach and Bobby McGee

Drawing Back: Zipporah’s View (Bridegroom of Blood)

One Woman’s Conclusion (a Haftorah) for Exodus 24:1-11 aka “Lunch with God”


Worm-Hole Aliens, The Mivkeh and the Akedah

Look Behind You

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  1. […] Virginia’s contemporary midrash (writing from within sacred text) appears in Living Text Journal and All the Women Followed Her: A Collection of Writing on Miriam the Prophet and the Women of Exodus. See also “A Song Every Day” […]

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