Max D. Ticktin

Psalms for Contemplation

Psalms for Contemplation: Invitation to an Intimate Reading of Selections from 36 Psalms. Max D. Ticktin, z”l, (1922-2016; bio below). Edited and introduced by Deborah McCants and Ruth Ticktin. Preface by Rabbi Edward Feld. Poetica Publishing: December 2020.

72 Page Poetry Collection
6″ x 9″ book size / Full Color Cover
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Video overview of Psalms for Contemplation

Video credit: Ezra McCants
Cover Photo: Ruven Afanador
Back Cover Portrait, “To My Saba”: Soloman McCants

Inside the Book

From the Introduction:

Although the plagues of today may differ from those of the Psalmists’ days, Max suggests that while considering the historical use, we continue to sing the Psalms on the steps of our personal temples, in our own exile, or on our life pilgrimages.

An excerpt:

From Psalm 77 verses 3-7
“In troubled times I sought the Eternal. At night, my hand was outstretched/ unceasingly. All of me refused to be eased.
“I but bring Adonai to mind, and I groan. I muse and my spirit is enveloped.
“You had a tight hold on my eyelids. I lay pulsating without words
“I counted out the days of old. Considering the years long ago
“I had my night-time song in my heart. I muse and my spirit goes exploring” 

More About Max Ticktin

From Poetica Publishers: Max Ticktin, z”l, (1922-2016), received BA from University of Pennsylvania; Rabbinic Ordination/MA/Honorary Doctorate from the Jewish Theological Seminary. Max was Hillel director at University of Wisconsin, University of Chicago, and assistant national director in Washington, DC. In his 2nd over thirty-year career, Max taught Hebrew literature and humanities at George Washington University.

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