Rereading and Rethinking Exodus

Coming to you from Southeast Washington DC, thoughts on Exodus and some of the ways the story is reflected in realities of the District — and probably in your town too.

Join by audio and/or text. Share your ideas.

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AUDIO: Rethinking Exodus

Rethinking Exodus toward Joint Liberation Podcast

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TEXT: Rereading Exodus

Rereading Exodus toward a New Sense of Joint Liberation:
A 49-stage journey from the underbelly of the nation’s capitol

Rereading cover

Rereading Exodus for Liberation (interactive).

Rereading Exodus for Liberation (print) — easier to print.

still working on an epub.

NOTE: print book became untenable in these pandemic circumstances, maybe later

The PDF and the podcast are offered to all interested free of charge. Please read and listen and share