Some on-line links to commentators,
contemporary, ancient and in between:

UNDER CONSTRUCTION — added as referenced, gathered

Tanchuma — early medieval collection
Hebrew on-line

Abraham Ibn Ezra — 11th Century CE, Spain
His “Commentary to the Torah”
Jewish Encyclopedia
My Jewish Learning: “Foreshadowing Biblical Criticism”
Plato/Stanford: Philosophy
Wiki-A. Ibn Ezra

Rashbam — 12th Century CE, France
Jewish Encyclopedia
My Jewish Learning: “Champion of the Peshat”

Malbim — 19th Century CE, Germany/Romania/Russia
R. Meir Leibush ben Yechiel Michel (1809-1879)
Judaism 101
Jewish Encyclopedia

Mei HaShiloach — (R. Mordecai Joseph Leiner), 1800-1854, Poland
Hasidic teacher known by the nickname “Mei HaShiloach [living waters],” a reference to his small stature and deep thought (like the waters of Shiloach, flowing under Jerusalem); also the title of his Torah Commentary.
Book info at Amazon

Tur — R. Yaakov ben Asher (c. 1275-1340). Tur, according to the Stone edition bibliography, is the “Code of Jewish law composed by R’ Yaakov, the son of the Rosh (c. 1275-c.1340). The Arba Turim [literally, “four rows”] (which is its full title) is composed for four parts…” Interactive image map and much more from the University of Calgary.

20th Century CE
Umberto (Moses David) Cassuto (1883-1951) some details

Nehama Leibowitz on-line

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