MORE Jewish (Women’s) Prayer

Are you interested in an interdenominational exploration of Jewish prayer, especially Jewish women’s prayers?

The March 1, 2009, “Va’ani Tefillati/This is My Prayer” conference on Jewish Women’s Prayer in New York City drew 350 participants with many more unable to attend due to space limitations. Some information about what was explored at that conference can still be found by viewing the pre-2009-conference website.

Among lessons of the conference was that there is much the various denominations have to share with one another about prayer — personal prayer, as well as participating in, planning for and leading public prayer:

How does the community’s understanding of obligation to pray effect one’s experience of prayer, for example?

How have various “waves” of feminism effected the way women and men relate to the Jewish community and to prayer?

How have conversations about sexual identity changed views of God and prayer language?

What kinds of innovative practices and prayers are contributing to individual and communal experiences of God? and what can different communities learn from one another?

Original organizers, several participants and others with an interest in this topic are exploring ways to continue and expand the conversation. A new webpage or blog, dedicated to this topic is coming. Click on the RSS feed (little blue box to the right-hand-side of url line, above) to stay updated through this blog. To help us gauge interest, consider giving your two cents through this poll

See also “Order Up: Meaningful Prayer” for one conference-based report and New Ball of Fire? for another related piece.

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