Traveling Peace Library

In honor of the U.N.’s International Day of Peace and Timbuk2’s call for customers to display what they carry in their bags, here is this week’s traveling library:

New Evangelical Manifesto: A Kingdom Vision for the Common Good. David P. Gushee, editor. Chalice Press, 2012.

Peace and the Limits of War: Transcending the Classical Conception of Jihad. Louay M. Safi. International Institute of Islamic Thought, 2001.

Return: Daily Inspiration for the Days of Awe. Erica Brown. Koren, 2012. (For more on Return, see Teshuva in a Half an Inch of Water.)

Other items in the bag, FWIW, include (top left to bottom right, more or less):

  • travel mug (Port City Java), hard-boiled egg, emergency protein bars and empty Starbucks bags, good for free cups of coffee;
  • shopping bag and umbrella;
  • zippered bag for wallet, checkbook, Jewish calendar, mini-siddur [prayerbook], and keys;
  • embroidered bag for tissues, more cough drops, etc.;
  • datebook, reporter’s notebook and pens, mini emergency notebook;
  • prayer book and a kippa [Jewish head covering], as well as a scarf (for cool weather and/or covering for Muslim prayer events)
  • medication, handkerchief, cough drop, hairbrush, eye drops;
  • laptop and portable political message board.

May greater inter-religious understanding contribute to sustainable peace.

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One thought on “Traveling Peace Library”

  1. What a coincidence that you have PCJ coffee mug…I just happened to stumble on your photo on the site. I’m from Wilmington (THE Port City!) and love the place. I visited DC in January and made sure to venture to the PCJ on Capitol Hill…it was strange (but awesome!) to visit my home coffee shop outside of NC! Cheers :)

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