Sermon Slam and “The Sermon”

Just recently learned about “Sermon Slam,” a project of Open Quorum. Looking forward to seeing how this new forum develops.

In honor of tonight’s event at DC’s JCC, here is “The Sermon” a great way to warm up for a Sermon Slam and/or Shavuot.

Mickey Hart’s only appearance in Washington, DC in 2013 turned out to be on the eve of Shavuot. This was their opening tune, and so I entered into the holiday with these words…

…I do believe
I do believe
To give is to receive
I do believe…

Teach me how to do to others
As I would be done
Right down to the finish line
And still have time for fun

To clothe the ragged, feed the poor
And all that high-tone jazz
As though my life depended on
Till I found out that it has

I do believe
I do believe
To give is to receive
I do believe
Robert Hunter, “The Sermon”

I’ll post the text of my own Sermon Slam contribution soon. If there is audio or video I can share, I’ll post that eventually, too.

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