DC Jews’ and Rona Responses

Here are some ways that Jewish congregations in DC are helping members help one another as well as those outside their congregations in greater need:

Adas Israel Congregation offers a thorough, annotated list of ways to volunteer and donate.

Included among their recommendations is supporting TraRon Center and projects addressing DC’s digital divide. Check out this interview with TraRon founder/director Ryane Nickens and some of those working on the digital project.

Kesher Israel also offers a thorough set of recommendations for supporting community in- and outside the congregation.

Included in their recommendations is DC-Mutual Aid Network and Serve Your City DC, interviewed here.

New Synagogue Project invites community members to receive Daily Action Alerts with concrete actions you can take for justice in the wider community (in DC and beyond).

Shirat Hanefesh offers a weekly action suggestion — look for “Tzedakah in the time of Covid.”

Temple Sinai has a page dedicated to “Aiding the Most Vulnerable”

Washington Hebrew Congregation‘s homepage offers a story about congregants’ involvement in relief efforts.

Hill Havurah has been engaging in an “interfaith virtual gathering” on Race, Inequity, and Pandemic. This is part of the congregation’s partnership with nearby Mount Moriah Baptist Church. The rabbi’s regular messages focus, from spiritual and practical perspectives. on the Rona and the disparities in our city.

Temple Micah has offered a series of discussions of Covid-19 and the press. The latest, “underserved in quarantine,” but does not appear to be encouraging Rona-specific volunteer or donation efforts.

Other congregations may be hard at work on related issues, but their websites — the main portals we have these days — do not reflect such (or I didn’t find a way in).

By way of background: I have lived in DC for over three decades and have been active in a number of Jewish congregations and interdenominational efforts for more than 20 years. I currently belong to Hill Havurah and used to be quite active at Temple Micah and Fabrangen, as well as (longer ago) the Kesher Israel women’s prayer/study group. I visit — and worship and/or learn with — every other congregation listed here and more. If I missed important and useful resources for Jews seeking to address the Rona and related disparities, let me know and I’ll add them.

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