Gathering Sources: Tazria

Some thoughts and resources for exploring the Torah portion, “Tazria,” Leviticus 12:1-13:59. (Not many alternative spellings — occasionally: Thazria.) This is part of a series of weekly “gathering sources” posts, collecting previous material on the weekly Torah portion, most originally part of a 2010 series called “Opening the Book.”

Tazria is next read beginning at minchah on Shabbat 3/30/19 (Shabbat Shemini). NOTE: Although most there are usually four posts for a portion, this series was written in a year when Tazria and Metzora were read together as a double portion, so there are only two posts on Tazria (and two on Metzora).

A Path to Follow — Lawrence Hoffman on circumcision and blood

Great Sources — Menstruation and “covenant of blood

See also 54 New Torah Ideas

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