Lyrics and Music

Aaron Levy Samuels

Aaron Levy Samuels is a writer, speaker, and co-founder of the digital community Blavity. His book of poetry, Yarmulkes & Fitted Caps, was published inContinue Reading

Poetry in Popular Music

Like everything on this blog, some idiosyncratic, rather than any attempt at encyclopedic, resources. These songwriters and their works include many sorts of relationships toContinue Reading

Raphael (Hebro) Fulcher

Raphael Ohr Chaim Fulcher (“Hebro”) was born to African-American Orthodox Jewish parents in Crown Heights Brooklyn. He also lived formative years in North Carolina, St.Continue Reading

Rhys Langston

“Language Arts Unit: A Rap Text Book,” by Rhys Langston Podell, is an interactive album comprised of music, video, and audio poetry as well asContinue Reading

Solomon Ibn Gabirol: Shaar Asher Nisgar

Solomon Ibn Gabirol was born (c. 1022) in Galaga and died in Valencia (c.1055, possibly as late as 1070), living most of his life inContinue Reading

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