Israel’s Resistance Poetry

Page, Jr. Hugh R. Israel’s Poetry of Resistance: Africana Perspectives on Early Hebrew Verse, (Minneapolis, MN: Fortress Press, 2013)

From Fortress Press:

“Noting that Israel’s earliest responses to earth-shaking changes were cast in the powerfully expressive language of poetry, Hugh R. Page Jr. argues that the careful collection and preservation of these traditions—now found in every part of the Hebrew Bible—was an act of resistance, a communal no to the forces of despair and a yes to the creative power of the Spirit.

“Further, Page argues, the power of these poems to craft and shape a future for a people who had suffered acute displacement and marginalization offers a rich spiritual repertoire for Africana peoples today, and for all who find themselves perennially outside the social or political mainstream. Here Page offers fresh translations and brief commentary on the Bible’s fifteen earliest poems, and explores the power and relevance of these poems, and the ancient mythic themes behind them, for contemporary life at the margins.”

More, including sample pages at Fortress Press

Rev. Page is professor of Theology and Africana Studies at Notre Dame University. He also serves as vice president, associate provost, and dean of the First Year of Studies. He is general editor of The Africana Bible: Reading Israel’s Scriptures from Africa and the African Diaspora and author of the Exodus section in the People’s Bible Commentary (both from Fortress Press).

(Originally published 11/1/17. UPDATED 1/2/19)


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