Raphael (Hebro) Fulcher

Raphael Ohr Chaim Fulcher (“Hebro”) was born to African-American Orthodox Jewish parents in Crown Heights Brooklyn. He also lived formative years in North Carolina, St. Louis, and Israel. He says:

I imagine [King David’s] music had rhythm and spirit. Put on a Hip-Hop instrumental and read Psalms. It will blow your mind. I personally believe he was the greatest rapper of all time. No disrespect at all, but I don’t think it sounded much like the typical ‘Jewish’ music we hear today in the orthodox world. I want to bring his poetry back to life. — for more, visit Hebro Music
(If copying, be sure to include “music” in the url — http://www.hebromusic.com — to reach the right site)

Here’s an interview with Fulcher and another Jewish hip hop artist, Prodezra.

Scroll down at HebroMusic for the album “Genesis” to listen (Option to support by purchasing album or tracks). Among the tracks is “Gam Ki Elech,” based on Psalm 23. Video version below selected lyrics —

Now as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
Gam Ki elech b’getzalmavet
Take a deep breath
And let the melody steady me
Ill be leaving doubt behind
I keep the truth ahead of me
Ready as Ill ever be
Ki Atah Imadi
I gotta dig deep
seeking the peace inside of me

There’s nothing to it but to do it
you and me
So Daveed wrote a piece sing psalm 23
Cuz we, been on a mission over centuries
Every soul a piece of the puzzle
Gotta add my piece
— from “Gam Ki Elech
[punctuation, spelling as posted]

Gam Hebro
still from “Gam Ki Elech” video

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