Rivka Miriam (b.1952)

Rivka Miriam of Rivka Miriam is one of the poets discussed by the “Hebrew Poetry Group” at Temple Micah (Washington, DC), using the bilingual These Mountains: Selected Poems of Rivka Miriam (New Milford, CT: The Toby Press, 2009).

One member of the Hebrew Poetry Group shared background on Miriam’s deep personal and artistic connection with the Holocaust:

This article, “Second Generation,” at Jewish Women’s Archive discusses impact of the Holocaust on the arts, and highlights the work of Rivka Miriam.

See also this piece in the Forward‘s Schmooze pages, discusses

A daughter of Holocaust survivors, Rivka Miriam avoids direct encounters with the subject, yet constantly engages the single image, common to all great writers of the Shoah (Appelfeld, Celan, Grossman): that of silence. Appearing in her work in many shades and guises, it is never entirely divorced from that context, as if the very idea of silence itself has now been altered, and could never again be the same for a Jewish reader. More so than any actual image, conjured by creative mind, silence provides a Midrashic commentary to the tradition’s suppositions.
— “Rivka Miriam: Silence as Midrash

Also of note…
“A School of her own: on Rivka Miriam’s Collected Poems [excerpt],” originally in Haaretz (16 Feb 2011), can be found on Poetry International Web. The site also offers a related piece on the same Collected Poems set.

More on Rivka Miriam and the Hebrew Poetry Group in this post.

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