The Hebrew Bible (Greenspan)

The Hebrew Bible: New Insights and Scholarship. Jewish Studies in the Twenty-First Century. Greenspan, Frederick E., ed. (NY: NYU Press, 2008)

“There has been a veritable revolution, and possibly more than one, in biblical studies over the past generation….questions have led to a dramatic reexamination of the very nature of the biblical account, including both its literary quality and the ideas expressed in it.

“These challenges did not emerge in a vacuum. The concerns they raise reflect issues that plague our society as a whole….

“Meanwhile the fact that the Bible plays a significant role in several quite different communities forces those studying it (at least to the extent that they interact) to think about how it is treated in each tradition. And so the Bible’s role within religious communities has itself become a topic of inquiry as much for those within such communities as for those outside them.

“The goal of this book is to share these conversations, which have been going on in academic circles for decades, with a larger audience.”
— from the preface

Extra Note: The volume I’m reading comes from the library of Max Ticktin, z”l, and includes some of his pencil notes — which create a bit of on-going, if cryptic, counsel. I am grateful to Max (1922-2016), who retired from teaching Yiddish and Hebrew literature in 2014, for all he taught so many of us in- and outside the university. I miss him every day that I struggle through this project.


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