At the New Moon Before Passover 5772

for the family of Trayvon Martin, all mourners, and toward justice for all

Oh God, our God and God of our ancestors,
You brought the Israelites out from the slavery of biblical Egypt
and taught us all to pay special care to strangers and the vulnerable in our midst.
But here we are again, at the darkest time of the month,
needing Redemption again.
In the last month, our entire nation was diminished
by the death of Trayvon Martin, one of too many
too many young black men targeted due to bigotry
that we have not yet cleared from our midst.

This bare sliver of a moon reminds us that –
just as the moon can’t provide it’s own light, we need help to light up this world.
This bare sliver of an almost-Passover moon warns us to get ready.
We’ve been stuck in this narrow, confining place, the biblical Egypt, too long.
It’s time to follow You toward a community of freedom and justice,
a community where all our youth can flourish in their own identities
without fear of suspicion.
Tonight we pray:

    May we never see another time so dark
    that a youth on an errand can be called a threat.

As the moon waxes, so too may our world increase in understanding.
Renew our lives, we pray,

    for a life of peaceful co-existence where all are free to flourish;
    for a life of goodness; of blessing; of sustenance; of health;
    for a life free from shame and reproach,
    as we renew our efforts to protect the most vulnerable in our society.

As the moon waxes, so too may our efforts to reflect Your light in the world.

    We pray for wisdom to use our time
    in ways that are a blessing to us, to our loved ones,
    And to our fellow human beings.

Bring us together toward a world united,
for life, rejoicing, happiness, salvation and consolation.
And let us say: AMEN.

–adapted from traditional new moon prayers

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