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Babylon Background

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Heart Map Background

Jill K. Berry says the heart map project in her Personal Geographies: Explorations in Mixed-Media Mapmaking was inspired by cordiform maps of the 16th Century and later. (See “Covenant and Liturgy” as well as subsequent […]

Wise Traits

Ancient Jewish thought recognized seven traits of a wise person: A sage does not speak before one who is wiser* than he; does not interrupt the words of his fellow; does not answer impetuously; asks […]

message to the Hebrew

Sandwiched in a Torah portion packed with narrative is “the war of the kings” with Lot’s capture and rescue (Gen. 14). It begins, really, with Abraham and his nephew Lot separating to avoid quarrel over […]

“…I can be wrong”

sometimes I’m right, but I can be wrong …we got to live together — Sly and the Family Stone Everyday People Two messages from Playing for Change “Songs Around the World” seem in order. If […]

Whence have you come?

An angel encounters Hagar in the wilderness (Gen. 16:7). At this point, she has been introduced to us as maid to Sarah, who has been married to Abraham for ten years without producing a child […]

Courageous Thoughts

Let’s return briefly to the questions which plagued author Sebastian Junger, in his suburban Boston youth, and set him a path that eventually led him to write Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging: How do you […]

More Sacrifice

In the list of general obligations that closed the previous post, the concept of “sacrifice” per se does not appear. This raised the question for me: Is “sacrificing” for the community or for a greater […]

Sacrificial Notes

“Sacrifice” has been an important concept in baseball since the 1880s and a Christian concept for far longer. The term came into English from Latin, via Old French, and is generally defined as giving up […]

Are We Ready Yet?

Are we ready yet, as multi-racial Jewish communities, to ask God to “renew our days as of old”? Have we, as U.S. Jews, thoroughly “searched our ways” for the racist systems in which we participate? […]