Stumbling Blocks: Consequences, part 1 (beyond 25)

A few resources for further consideration about the stumbling blocks of language:

Coded Racist Language is Still Racist

This satiric piece goes a long way to illustrate how deeply embedded is racist reporting and language and reporting

“If you watched that segment and thought that is a ridiculous premise and an absolutely terrible way to talk millions of about people who share nothing — nothing! — but broad pigmentation,” Chris Hayes concludes, “you are right.”

This essay breaks down some key points.

This frustrated Baltimore official tells CNN to just go ahead and call young people “niggers” if she’s going to insist on using “thugs.”

Racist Language Kills (Really)

from "Association between...Area Racism and Black Mortality"Recent research links racism — studied through a “search-based proxy of area racism” (based on vocabulary) — to Black mortality. Racist language has deadly — actual human health, not metaphor — results.

In this way and so many others, allowing the use of racist language to go unchallenged “gives the means, or prepares the way for wrong” (see yesterday’s post).

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