(Beyond 48)

This particular Omer journey was designed to move from Oppression -- a place where Pharaoh does not know his own past and Israel and God have ye to honeymoon -- through learning more about oppression and liberation to Sinai. The goal was to "reach Sinai more able to hear divine values, serve God's liberation work." … Continue reading (Beyond 48)

Malcolm X and the Power of Small Things (Beyond 45)

“The fame we get from fighting for the freedom of others creates a prison for us,” Malcolm X wrote in 1964 to Azizah al-Hibri, then a college student at the American University in Beirut. Their brief in-person connection and subsequent correspondence are still treasured by Dr. al-Hibri, now retired as chair of KARAMAH: Muslim Women … Continue reading Malcolm X and the Power of Small Things (Beyond 45)