Ronny Someck’s Multilingual, Multimedia Site

Ronny Someck (b.1951) maintains a website filled with multilingual, multimedia poetry resources:

  • Someck’s poetry in Hebrew and translation (to English, French, and other languages)
  • visual art created by him and after his poetry
  • video links to recitations in several languages
  • musical renditions of his poetry, mostly in Hebrew

Here, for example, is a musical version of his “Poverty Line,” which is included in The Fire Stays in the Red. The musical rendering, sung by Sahy Zoberi, appears as the opening to a program on Israel’s Ma’abarot [transit camps for new immigrants and refugees]:

See also “Stammering Child’s Revenge,” in English and French with video including Hebrew reading, with musical accompaniment;another reading on this same “and more poetry” page appears as “The Revenge of the Stuttering Child” — this same poems appears in The Fire Stays in the Red as “Retort of the Stuttering Boy.”

A few examples not in The Fire Stays in the Red:

  • Tractors” in English with artwork (Hebrew reading with Flash player);
  • Tali Nov sings Someck’s poem “מַפִּית [Napkin]” to music by Uri Bitan, video has Hebrew lyrics, with English available in pop-up box; and
  • “Tribes,” sung in Hebrew by David Barbi in mixed-media video, with English available in pop-up box.

So much more on the poet’s website to explore!

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