MiShebeirach for Circles of Pain

Introduction: Every bullet leaves pain in circles rippling outward, like the diameter of the bomb the Israeli poet Yehuda Amichai once described. Amichai's bomb extends from 30 centimeters to the immediate range of dead and wounded, out to a solitary mourner “far across the sea,” finally encompassing “the entire world in the circle.” (Chana Bloch's … Continue reading MiShebeirach for Circles of Pain

(Beyond 39)

"With social media, people were no longer talking. The [contemporary storytelling] movement really began because people missed people. That’s what storytelling does: It connects people." So Syd Lieberman told Sam Payne of "The Apple Seed" radio program some time back. After news this week of Syd Lieberman's passing, the Apple Seed today re-broadcast the conversation … Continue reading (Beyond 39)

More on Kaddish: Resources and Notes

Additional notes and resources from the Temple Micah Siddur Study's recent session on kaddish. Kaddish and Women Several participants mentioned the press attention when Israeli Rachelle Fraenkel recited kaddish for her son, noting A) that Orthodox women's recitation of kaddish remains newsworthy, and B) how the positive response signals shifting views. Here's the Haaretz story: … Continue reading More on Kaddish: Resources and Notes

Opening and the Ark

What does it mean to open the Ark? In my experience the Torah service exhibits more diversity than any other part of a Jewish service. Reading length varies across denominations. General approach ranges from informal circles embracing Torah to formal, long-standing choreography. And the Torah service is one spot where women's absence on the bima, … Continue reading Opening and the Ark