Opening and the Ark

What does it mean to open the Ark? In my experience the Torah service exhibits more diversity than any other part of a Jewish service. Reading length varies across denominations. General approach ranges from informal circles embracing Torah to formal, long-standing choreography. And the Torah service is one spot where women's absence on the bima, … Continue reading Opening and the Ark

Study Mechitza?

The Torah: A Women's Commentary  is a great new resource, from women Torah scholars highlighting women in the Torah and women's perspectives on the Torah. URJ publicity calls their volume a "groundbreaking new development in Jewish literature and Torah study." It was lauded as a "pioneering work" in the Everett Family Foundation "Jewish Book of the Year" announcement … Continue reading Study Mechitza?

New “Ball of Fire”?

The Torah: A Women's Commentary -- published in 2008 by the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) -- includes full English and Hebrew Torah texts interspersed with commentary; introductory essays; and an overview, poetic “voices” and “another view” for each weekly portion. It encompasses the commentary of 100 authors, from across the spectrum of Jewish practice and belief, and incorporates the work of … Continue reading New “Ball of Fire”?