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Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg

Reading Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg, in my experience, requires an investment of time and attention but is very worthwhile.

Eikev: Great Source

“Paradoxes of Authority,” in Lifecycles, Volume 2 was written by Diane O. Esses (often cited as Cohler-Esses), identified as the first Syrian-Jewish woman ordained as a rabbi.

Pinchas: Something to Notice

“The name of Asher’s daughter was Serah.” — Numbers/Bamidbar 26:48

Chukat: Great Source(s)

Miriam’s death (verse 20:1) is juxtaposed with another water crisis: The community was without water, and they joined against Moses and Aaron. The people quarrelled with Moses, saying, “If only we had perished when our brothers perished at the instance of YHVH!…” (Numbers/Bamidbar 20:2-3) This juxtaposition is one of the sources for the concept of […]

Torah: Opening the Book

“All you have to do is open up the book.” In a recent study-planning discussion for the Temple Micah (Washington, DC) group Kol Isha, I went off on a bit of a rant with this as my theme, insisting that anyone with the desire to do so can prepare to lead Torah-focused learning without leaning […]