Va-yera: Something to Notice

Teaching Torah* points out several Jewish values which are exhibited in this troubling portion.

Bikur Cholim [visiting the sick]: God and/or messengers visit Abraham, while he is recovering from circumcision (Baba Metzia 86b);
Hachnasat Orchim [welcoming guests]: Abraham and Sarah welcome visitors at the opening of the portion; later, hospitality is an issue for Lot and the people of Sodom;
Shalom Bayit [peace in the home]: according to the Tzenah Ur’enah — the Yiddish translation and commentary on the Torah, first published in the early 1600s — we learn from differences between Sarah’s words (Genesis/Breishit 18:12) and God’s (18:13) that a harmless lie is allowed for the sake of family peace.

* Please see Source Materials for full citations.

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