Va-yera: A Path to Follow

There are a great many paths to follow from this week’s portion. One to consider is Hagar’s path from runaway (fleeing from Sarah in last week’s portion, Lekh Lekha) to exile. Another path to consider is that from Ishmael’s near sacrifice in the desert to Isaac’s near sacrifice on Mount Moriah.

In addition, though, another path worth following begins here: When Lot’s daughters each have a child by their father, the older one bears a son named Moab, and the younger bears Ben-ammi, “father of the Ammonites of today.” (Genesis/Breishit 19:36-38). Ruth the Moabite, who marries Boaz to redeem her mother-in-law’s land and family, is the grandmother of King David (Ruth 4:13-22). Naamah the Ammonite marries Solomon and gives birth to Rehoboam (1 Kings 14:21)….and so “mashiach ben david,” the messiah to be born of the line of David, is also of the lines of Lot’s incest with his daughters. See also Balak: A Path to Follow.

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