Hebrew (and bilingual) Poetry Resources

Adi Keissar (b. 1980)

Adi Keissar was born in Jerusalem in 1980, began writing poetry in her 30s, and founded the Israeli movement known as “Ars Poetica” in 2013.

Admiel Kosman (b. 1957)

Admiel Kosman is professor of Talmud and rabbinic literature at the School for Jewish Theology at the University of Potsdam and a prolific poet in Hebrew.

Almog Behar (b. 1978)

Almog Behar was born in Netanya and lives in Jerusalem. He is a scholar, poet, and author in other genres.

Amichai Chasson (b. 1987)

Poet, film director, editor at Mashiv Haruach, and director of Beit Avi Chai cultural center in Jerusalem.

Anthologies and General Resources

Bilingual Hebrew-English print resources and more.

Chana Bloch (1940-2017)

Background information and links to print and audio materials on the poetry of Chana Bloch.

David Avidan (1934-1995)

A few links to the work of David Avidan.

Erez Bitton (b. 1942)

A little background and some resources on this “founding father” of Mizrachi poetry.

Lyrics and Music

Maya Bejerano (b. 1949)

Maya Bejerano published her first poem in 1970. She is quite prolific in Hebrew, with a 2005 anthology of 424 pages. Little is available in English.

Orit Gidali (b.1974)

Some basics and links to print and web resources on Israeli poet Orit Gidali.

Rivka Miriam (b.1952)

Here are some basics about Rivka Miriam and her Hebrew poetry.

Ronny Someck (b. 1951)

A few links to the work of Ronny Someck.

Ronny Someck’s Multilingual, Multimedia Site

Links to visual arts as well as poetry, in Hebrew and translation.

Roy Hasan (b. 1983)

Roy Hasan (b.1983) is a leading figure in the Ars Poetica movement.

Shimon Adaf (b. 1972)

Some resources on Shimon Adaf, poet, novelist, and musician.

Vaan Nguyen (b. 1982)

Vaan Nguyen lives in Jaffa and is a TV actor as well as a poet working on a novel.

Yehuda Amichai (1924-2000)

Basic information, including print and video links, on Yehuda Amichai and his work.

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