Hebrew (and English) Poetry Resources

Bilingual, English-Hebrew Publishing

Bilingual editions of poetry originally published in Hebrew are not easy to find. Here are some options, including some from U.S.-based as well as Israeli authors.

Chana Bloch (1940-2017)

Background information and links to print and audio materials on the poetry of Chana Bloch.

David Avidan (1934-1995)

A few links to the work of David Avidan.

Erez Bitton (b. 1942)

Erez Bitton is an Israeli poet and “dominant figure,” possibly “founding father,” of “a new and major tradition in the history of Hebrew poetry —Continue Reading

Hebrew Poetry in Translation

Just a few sources. More to be added as time permits — and please suggest additions.

Hebrew Poetry Study at Temple Micah

Hebrew Poetry Group, at Temple Micah (DC), explores the poetry of Yehuda Amichai, Rivka Miriam, Leah Goldberg, and others in Hebrew and English. Here are details and related background.

Lyrics and Music

Orit Gidali (b.1974)

Some basics and links to print and web resources on Israeli poet Orit Gidali.

Rivka Miriam (b.1952)

Here are some basics about Rivka Miriam and her Hebrew poetry.

Ronny Someck (b. 1951)

A few links to the work of Ronny Someck.

Someck’s Multilingual, Multimedia Website

Ronny Someck (b.1951) maintains a website filled with multilingual, multimedia poetry resources: Someck’s poetry in Hebrew and translation (to English, French, and other languages) visualContinue Reading

Yehuda Amichai (1924-2000)

Basic information, including print and video links, on Yehuda Amichai and his work.

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