MiShebeirach for Circles of Pain

Introduction: Every bullet leaves pain in circles rippling outward, like the diameter of the bomb the Israeli poet Yehuda Amichai once described. Amichai's bomb extends from 30 centimeters to the immediate range of dead and wounded, out to a solitary mourner “far across the sea,” finally encompassing “the entire world in the circle.” (Chana Bloch's … Continue reading MiShebeirach for Circles of Pain

Prayers, Advocacy, and #RippleEffect

Continuing the discussion, at "If a corpse be found...", about the need for new approaches to meeting our communal responsibilities. Some possible responses to the trauma and tragedy of multiple murders, particularly in Washington, DC -- Prayer Residents in some of the most affected neighborhoods of the District are asking for prayers, calling on everyone … Continue reading Prayers, Advocacy, and #RippleEffect

Blood, Justice, Grief and Healing: A Tale for Two Birthdays

This week, Jews begin to move beyond the lowest point of the calendar, a period known as "The Three Weeks," toward the new year. The Three Weeks focus on prophetic admonishment for our ethical failings, while the seven weeks that follow call for a renewed focus on a "path of justice." Nelson Mandela's birthday, July … Continue reading Blood, Justice, Grief and Healing: A Tale for Two Birthdays