Prayer Warm-up: From Self to Community

Part of the early morning warm-up for prayers -- along with awareness of our blessings and awakening body, soul, and mind -- is moving from what Mishkan T'filah [Reform prayerbook] calls "self-fulfillment" to "social imperatives of community." And that means beginning to move through the individual joys and concerns that we brought with us to … Continue reading Prayer Warm-up: From Self to Community

“Because of this…” (Blessing and attitude, continued)

A (very) previous post discussed the idea of being too grumpy for gratitude, with a focus on one humility-prompting passage from the morning blessings: ...Master of all worlds, we do not offer our supplications before You based on our righteousness, but rather based on Your great mercy. What are we? What are our lives?....Man barely … Continue reading “Because of this…” (Blessing and attitude, continued)